Taste of the Town Showcases The Best Places To Eat In College Football

By | November 2, 2013

Todd Blackledge may have the best job in the world. He gets to watch College Football and Eat Awesome Food. Both college football and food play a key role in his book Taste of the Town: A Guided Tour of College Football’s Best Places to Eat. The book features a travel log of Blackledge’s journey through the college football landscape with write-ups and recipes from dozens of restaurants he’s stopped at.

A quick twitter follow of Todd Blackledge’s personal account @Todd_Blackledge and his Taste of the Town account @Taste_The_Town will have your feed filled with college football analysis and pictures of food that will have you planning a road trip to eat and watch a game.

One of the best things about Blackledge’s journey is that many of the restaurants he visits are hole in the walls. Your taste buds are opened up to places that you may have never knew existed, even in towns that you have visited on a regular basis. If you are a foodie and a football fan be sure to Check out the Taste of the Town book and follow Blackledge and Taste of the Town on Twitter!